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Mainsaver Housekeeping for the New Year


Mainsaver Housekeeping for the New Year


There are many ways to keep your Mainsaver database clean and tidy. The beginning of a new year is good time to do this.

  • 1. Check for all open work orders. Query on ‘WO Open Like Y’. Combine this query statement with a date qualifier and then use the mass close function (Work order module, File pulldown menu) to close many work orders at once.

  • 2. Check for all open purchase orders. Query on ‘Status Not Like C’. Close purchase orders as appropriate by either receiving or using the close purchase order button.

  • 3. Check for purchase orders open but received in full. A nested query such as ‘status like FO and purchase order not in (select pono from pupod where clo_flag = 'N')’ works.

  • 4. Check for assets not in service that really should be in service. In the Asset module run the Assets out of Service report or perform a query for Asset Status like OS.

  • 5. Are there items in ‘special order items awaiting release’ that should be issued out to a work order, asset or cost center. Run the ‘Special order items awaiting release’ report in the Parts Master.

  • 6. Make sure employee charge rates are correct and employee status codes are up to date in the Personnel module.

  • 7. In the PM module, check for PM master records where the default status of the PM work order will be set to CLO or CNX. If a PM is no longer needed, delete the master record or set the PM status to ‘DEA’. Also, if the asset is deactivated, the PM records can be deleted.

  • 8. Check that all of your Mainsaver clients are on the most recent release.

  • 9. Have Mainsaver Professional Services come in for a site review and refresher training.

  • 10. Has the ‘msadmin’ password been changed lately?

  • 11. Check the available disk space on the server. It is a rare occurrence these days but it doesn’t hurt to check.

  • 12. Set up budgets for new year if budgets are used.

  • 13. Review the database backups and perform a test restore. (Disaster Recovery Drill) How many backups are stored on the server?

  • 14. Make sure all timecard records and misc. material records are posted.

  • 15. Set goals for improved utilization of Mainsaver in the New Year.

  • 16. In system administration, review the master lists under the references pulldown menu. Deactivate obsolete records where the ‘deactivate’ feature is available.

  • 17. Delete irrelevant global queries.

  • 18. Set Suppliers to DEA if you no longer will purchase from them.

  • 19. Identify the materials that cost the most in the current year (ytd_usage) or previous year (Last Year Usage) by performing a query such as;

  • 20. Run the asset cost summary report to identify high cost assets. (Management Reports, Reports Pulldown Menu)

  • 21. Use the copy command to create future year budget period calendars. (System Administration, Settings menu)

  • 22. Perform monthly closing to close out last year and advance the budget periods to the current year. (System Administration, Maintenance menu)

Mainsaver offered a variety of CMMS solutions that matched the way our business works. They provided customizable solutions and integration options that effectively manage our maintenance requirements and save us quite a bit of money in the process.